Introducing the

Mobile Underground Compactor

Underground Compactors, Inc. is dedicated to helping our customers solve the logistical problems associated with removing trash from underground mines.



We understand that moving trash receptacles through the mine is cumbersome and expensive; tying up manpower and machinery, while clogging travel ways, thereby restricting movement of personnel and supplies within the mine.

To help solve these problems, we have developed the “Mobile Underground Compactor”.

With versatility and mobility in mind, the “Mobile Underground Compactor” is designed to allow it to be easily transported throughout the mine.  The unit is powered by plugging into a PTO on a piece of mobile equipment allowing it to be used in the working face in the most remote areas of the mine.  When the container is full, simply remove it from the mine to be picked up and emptied by your local trash hauling service.


Some of the benefits of the “Mobile Underground Compactor”

Payback of the initial purchase price

of the standard size unit has been realized in as little as 2 to 3 months.

Bulky, “fluffy” trash quickly fills open

top containers in working sections, requiring multiple hauls out of the mine.  Our standard size of the “Mobile Underground Compactor” holds up to 3.5 tons of mine trash, dramatically reducing the number of containers being hauled from the underground mine.

Trash being hauled out of the mine

in open-top containers through ventilated travel ways tends to blow or jostle out waste littering road ways, presenting fire hazards, and putting the mine out of compliance with state and federal regulations.  With the “Mobile Underground Compactor”, trash is compressed into an enclosed container for clean, easy transport out of the mine.

The unit can be vertically hoisted out

of the mine with no spillage

Trash accumulates in different areas of the mine

The “Mobile Underground Compactor” can be transported throughout the mine, making cleanup in all areas more efficient.

Totally self-contained with fire hose ports

on each side reducing the danger of a trash fire spreading or getting out of control.

A pressure gauge indicates when the unit is full

Safety feature prevent damage to the unit by over filling.

Size can be customized

to accommodate specific customer needs.

Standard Unit Specifications

  • Overall unit dimensions:  Length: 263 ¼”   Width: 98 1/2” Height 60”
  • Charge Box Opening:  Width 58”  Length: 40”
  • Receptacle Dimensions:  Length: 177” Width: 86” height: 47”
  • Base Unit Weight: 9100 lbs

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