Unconscious Bias

The Purpose of the Course

This highly interactive and practical training programme allows individuals to explore their biases and how their culture can impact on our how they relate to others. Participants are encouraged in a safe environment to both understand the principle of unconscious bias and be able to devise an action plan to challenge their own biases.

Benefits for Your Organisation

The course will ensure that all staff are aware of the concept of unconscious bias and be able to implement actions for themselves. This in turn leads to demonstrating to your staff and clients your commitment to minimising inequality.

Topics covered

  • What is unconscious bias
  • The 9 types of unconscious bias
  • Which areas of work does unconscious bias affect?
  • Do we have bias? Where does it come from?
  • Practical tips to challenge and control our bias
  • Why do we need to eliminate bias? – The cost of doing nothing
  • How are our values formed?
  • The impact of culture on our values and how we treat others
  • Devise an action plan for your own personal development

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Define unconscious bias
  • Distinguish between different types of bias
  • Identify areas of work where bias can cause issues
  • Define our own and other sources of bias
  • Devise strategies for managing our bias
  • Understand how our values are formed
  • Identify the importance of cultural and its’ impact on bias
  • Devise a personal development action plan to challenge your own bias

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What Our Clients Say!

  • A great course and very important for taxi drivers, especially very helpful for new drivers.

    Murilo Soares Victor Taxi Driver, South Oxfordshire
  • Before the training I was able to contact Garry about what I needed in terms of my disability and I am very happy that I was able to join in and participate.

    Michel Dorrington Eastway Care Ltd
  • It is an interesting and informative course. I have learnt a lot to help people in my work place.

    Adesola Community Worker
  • Excellent delivery, very up to date, keep the great work up. Could come back for more anytime.

    Hameed Ahmed CEO
  • Very unique to think this is the world we live in. However, it took today’s course to bring it to the front of our minds!

    Julie Harvey HR Advisor
  • Well worth the investment and certain to pay dividends in improved perception of the course.

    Lee Cox Director, Train-a-Lift Ltd
  • Both trainers for were engaging and made the day enjoyable. The information they gave was interesting and very informative. I go away today feeling like I have learned a little bit more about myself. Thanks a lot.

    Emily Hardy Admin Manager, Train-a-Lift Ltd
  • Garry’s relaxed conversational approach enables participation and engagement on a non-glamour subject to a level which is beneficial to attendees and helps preference real world situations.

    Shaun Collins Support Worker, P3 Charity
  • The training was an opportunity to refresh any prior knowledge and expand upon this update. The training was delivered is an engaging manner, using a diverse range of methods and activities. The day was both interesting and enjoyable.

    Emma Rich Service Manager, P3 Charity
  • This training was informative and fun. It incorporated a range of different activities to keep the group entertained. The trainer was helpful and always answered everyone’s questions.

    Marianne Eamer Meadows Care

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